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Throughout the three years of the Audio and Digital Production course at the University of Westminster we were tasked with creating pieces of audio both as individuals and in groups. These are the project results:

Digital Storytelling

This individual task was to write and produce a piece of work that combined feature-making and documentary techniques with innovative and creative uses of audio, images, video and text.

As the twentieth anniversay of the last time the UK won the Eurovison Song Contest was approaching, I decided to make a documentary exploring the reasons behind our failure to repeat our past successes. It won the Graham S. Brand Award for Best Radio Feature 2017

Digital Entrepeneurship

This individual task was to pitch for and submit a proposal for a live commission to make a piece of audio and then deliver the product as per the client's request. 

A former associate had just had his memoirs published and I suggested to his publisher that his audience might enjoy an audio version of his book. The project grew and resulted in the 'bringing to life' of three passages from the book.

Audio Drama

This was a group task to script edit, cast, direct, produce and deliver a piece of audio drama.

My role was to initially record the actors and folio and source appropriate music. My overall task was to work under the instruction of the director in the studio to edit, mix and prouduce the final piece. 

Theo & Tatt vs The World - An Audio Drama

Pop-Up Station

This was a group excercise to devise an online radio station targeting a specific audience with an associated theme. The station then had to go live over a four week period and include music and speech content.

The station was aimed at gamers. My role was both outside broacast presenter and audio producer. Below is a trail I wrote and produced for week 4 - Virtual Reality. The OB was from an escape room.

Week 4 - Trail
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