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I'm an experienced presenter but I've discovered and explored many aspects of creating audio during the last three years at the University of Westminster and throughout my freelance career.

As well as producing live radio I have discovered a love for short-form documentary making and audio drama. My documentary 'Eurovision: Can we ever win again?' was awarded the Graham S Brand Memorial Prize for Best Short Multimedia Documentary.

Whether it be music, news, current affairs, drama or other forms of storytelling, it’s always been radio first and foremost for me.


There was always a radio playing at home. Radio 2 in the kitchen for breakfast and tea. In the car for short and long journeys. In the workshop or the farm. Radio was a huge part of my childhood.


As soon as I owned my first set I began to explore different stories and very different music. The Great 208 under my bedsheets. Junior Choice on a Saturday morning. The Top 40 on a Sunday night. Taping my favourite songs on my Winthronics cassette recorder. C30, C60, C90 GO! Disco. Reggae. Punk. New Wave. New Romantic. Hiphop. Rock. House.


Buying singles at Woolworths and Klitz, DJing at Lymington Community Centre Youth Club. Presenting on Lymington Hospital Radio. Listening to Radio 1. 2CR. Power FM. Radio 2


Then: London for drama school. Listening to Radio 1. Capital Radio. Kiss. Radio 2.


Then: Pub DJ. Club DJ. Pirate Radio DJ. Gaydar Radio. Electric. Juice 105. Lime Hill Productions. Turtlekey Arts.


Then: The University of Westminster - The beginning of my professional practise journey. Three years of education and enlightenment. Work experience at Wise Buddah. Whistledown. Audioboom. Smoke Radio at Student Pride. A BA (hons) Degree in Radio and Digital Production.


Now: Experienced. Qualified. Mature. Talented. Award Winning.


Ready for my next adventure.

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